Focused Evolution


Adam Goodman has a strong background as a business leader and builder with over 20 years of experience both leading teams at some of the world’s largest Fortune 100 media organizations and running early stage tech startups.

A lifelong learner with a daily focus on personal mastery, Adam couples his strong resources as a business builder, leader and problem solver with a ten-year focus on the research and application of some of the most potent self-mastery concepts and strategies available. 

Adam has become a sought-after life consulting resource to men within his community and is rapidly expanding his reach with his unique life consulting style, resourcefulness and unrelenting focus on taking ACTION with powerful tools and new techniques.

Adam specializes in helping men regain their ferocity and truly OWN their power as they transition into exciting new phases of life such marriage and fatherhood. He guides men through the challenges of this evolutionary phase with purposeful grounding in four main areas of life.

Adam calls the Denver metro area home with his beautiful and passionate wife and two exuberant young children. If he’s not spending quality time with his family, consulting with businesses or life consulting clients, you can find Adam lifting heavy weights, spending time in nature or seeking new knowledge and skills to enrich his own life and the lives of those around him.

What men are saying about adam

“Adam has been a phenomenal resource. He has championed my dreams and helped me to become a better man. During some of my lowest moments, Adam helped me get clear on my true intentions and focussed on my goals. Even when life gets challenging I know Adam will stand in my corner and support me on my journey to being my best self.”

Eddie G.

Emmy Award winning Composer

“My time together in conversation with Adam has been nothing short of inspiring. I have a lot going on in my life and I am now open to a whole new perspective based on the learnings I took from my discussions with Adam. Adam states that is life purpose is to lift up people around him. I can truly say that I am uplifted as a result of my relationship with Adam. Thank you.”

Sean N.

Senior Marketing Executive

The program

The primary or “radicle” root is the first root that sprouts downward from a new seedling anchoring it to the earth. It is the primary root allows the seed to suck up water and send out its leaves so it can start photosynthesis and growth. A seed with a strong connection to the earth can reach great heights as it matures. A tree with very strong roots can bust through the canopy and shade of other trees to achieve direct contact with the sun, a primary source of life.

Just like trees, we must ground ourselves primary areas of life so we too can experience the same type of limitless growth. Only when we are properly grounded, can we power our own growth and break free of the perceived limitations holding us back. Just like a tree we can have direct contact to our main source of life, creativity, love and success. But all of this starts by being grounded firmly.

Adam has identified four areas of life that he deems the Primary Roots given their specific importance to affecting actionable life change rapidly across multiple areas of one’s life. Living in concert with each Primary Root is a well-defined program of associated concepts, teachings and tools to help you make massive progress quickly in each area of your life. Adam’s deep knowledge and resource base encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual with aligned programs and ideas that can be tailored to your unique place in life, beliefs and needs.

Concierge level life consulting

As someone who has lived his adult life learning new methods of personal mastery from many amazing coaches, there have been countless life changing benefits. As powerful as my coaches have been for my development and forward progress, continued support and encouragement in between sessions always felt missing.

After initially moving five steps forward at a powerful life consulting session, I would often take two steps back prior to my next session due to lack of engagement. Regular check-ins, communication and encouragement was just not part of the agreement in my past coaching relationships…that’s why I am changing the game.

I want you to move fast and progress without moving backward even slightly. That’s why I’ve designed a concierge life consulting approach.

Think of me as the most involved and resourceful friend you have in your life. I’m the guy who encourages you, challenges you, calls you out when others won’t. It is my defined purpose in life to raise people up! I am here to help you create positive change in your life. I take this commitment very seriously and am willing to make whatever investment it takes to ensure I over-deliver on your expectations.

Here’s just a taste of the immense value and dedicated commitment you will receive:

  • Initial 2-hour consultation to assess where you are today, where you want to go and start the process of planning the path to get there.
  • Weekly 1-hour Skype life consulting session packed with tailored teachings and methods designed for your needs in this moment with strong attention to your path of development in core areas of life over time.
  • Direct line of text communication with Adam
    Connect via phone/text with Adam without scheduled appointment
  • Adam’s support at family, work events or other activities of importance—willing to travel as needed with appropriate arrangements
  • The deep knowledge of Adam’s aligned resources (see below)

aligned resources

Adam believes strongly in aligning in friendship and work exchange with other experts in aligned fields who have the passion to change the world positively through their work. Adam has built an aligned expert consulting team of licensed and certified experts in the fields of physical exercise, spiritual growth, nutritional counseling and emotional well-being. Adam utilizes key learnings and consults regularly with these resources to add massive benefit to his direct work with his concierge level life consulting clients.

Incorporating distilled knowledge from experts into the Goodman Life Consulting program accelerates client progress and adds extreme value. Who has the time or money for a full-time trainer, dietician, therapist and life strategist? Goodman Life Consulting is a one stop shop for access to all the resources you need to live your most powerful life!

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